Hachimori Fish Market


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Locally caught fresh seafood is the mainstay of the Hachimori Fish Market, where many of the stalls are staffed by fishermen and their families. The fish are sold alongside seasonal vegetables from local farms and wild vegetables gathered in the forests of Shirakami Sanchi. There are also stalls with soba and udon noodles, rice balls, and other light meals. Vendors will even clean the fish for on-the-spot dining in the in-house grilling area.


The market’s catch changes with the season. Black rockfish (mebaru) are available early in the year, along with octopus and iwagaki oysters. In spring, squid (maika) and red sea bream (madai) are in season. By autumn, abalone (awabi) and many other shellfish are plentiful. Japanese sandfish (hatahata) is a local specialty that draws a lot of customers when it arrives at year’s end. Hachimori Fish Market is also known for another local delicacy—a soup called tsumire-jiru that is made with minced Okhotsk Atka mackerel (hokke).


The vendors have a wealth of knowledge about the seafood they sell, and are happy to explain the best ways to prepare and eat it. This interaction with customers is a defining characteristic of the market and makes for a unique experience compared to shopping at supermarkets. Visitors with little or no Japanese ability can still watch how different fish are selected, cleaned, and expertly sliced.


The grilling corner and dining area are available for a nominal fee, allowing customers to cook and enjoy their purchases right away. Hachimori Fish Market is open on Saturdays and Sundays.

Hachimori Fish Market

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